how two women living in the middle of forests and fields realized what they offered was essential…

‘’They say two women can be friends for too long that they lose track which one is the lunatic. Or that behind every woman is her best friend who gives her crazy ideas. And ofcourse the fact that things can never go bad when you have your best friend by your side.‘’


FALL 2019

In the fall of 2019 we knew that our children needed overalls. Definitely matching ones, definitely softshell. Until we figured why not to ourselves. Ordering onesies for children wasn’t difficult, yet it became ridiculously difficult to order onesies for grown-ups. After few hours of online surfing we swore to the fact that they were nowhere to be found. After several years of conducting , brand creation, design protection, making sewing patterns, cyring into a pillow, testing, consulting, ordering fabric samples, smashing champagne glasses…We are here today to bring you a unique, fierce and necessary onesie for unpredictable weather.

Through all the fun and efforts, there have been our families, children, friends and extremely helpful people who did not abandon us despite the stupid questions.

Sincerely yours,
Marju & Sarah



With Nuckö onesies there is no need to make adjustments for functionality. Nuckö outdoor overall simplifies life and makes it exciting for modern city dwellers and nature lover. Nuckö differs from other outdoor brands with its technical characteristics and fashion design. Enjoy being both warm and dry. Feel fierce and functional in any weather.