Why choose Nuckö?

Nuckö produces most products only according to customer orders – therefore there is zero overproduction and it supports our ecosystem.
Nuckö emphasises uniqueness and choice, with each onesie made individually. As a result, the goods ordered reach the customer within five days to four weeks.

How are products manufactured?

The products are designed and manufactured in Läänemaa, Estonia. The fabrics, locks and threads come from Europe. It is a small sewing company with no overproduction and a responsible approach to production. Each element of the onesie has been selected through a multi-faceted filter taking into account durability and functionality.

What is softshell?

Softshell is a material that is becoming more and more popular today, and for a number of reasons.
Softshell is a great fabric that keeps us warm, repels water and is stretchy. What’s more, the fabric allows the body to breathe and is soft on the back. Softshell can be called indispensable in moderate weather, ideal from minus six to plus ten degrees.
Softshell consists of three layers compressed together – an outer waterproof layer, a thermoactive layer and an inner soft fleece. It therefore does not need a separate liner. Because air molecules are smaller than water molecules, fabric can be both waterproof and breathable. The fabric is made in such a way that air molecules can move but water molecules cannot penetrate.

How to care of your softshell?

Machine-washing of Softshell is highly recommended, as dirt and external debris from the body clog the pores, the permeability of which is necessary for the membrane to function properly. Check the pockets, remove the contents and close all fastenings (e.g. zips) before putting the garment in the machine. It is advisable to turn the habit inside out and wash separately. A special detergent (e.g. for sportswear and outdoor clothing) prolongs the life of overalls. Fabric softeners, which can destroy the functional properties of the fabric, should not be used when washing softshell. The same goes for water softeners and bleaching agents. Wash and rinse the softshell, but do not spin dry or use a tumble dryer. Twisting the fabric with your hands can damage the membrane of the fabric and impair its functionality. The onesie should be hung dripping on a clothes hanger and left to dry at its own pace. Softshell can withstand temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, but gentle washing at 30 degrees is recommended.

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